The Audiblegate Podcast

Audiblegate Episode 7 - Culture War

August 23, 2021

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In this final episode of Season 1, we again talk to author and #Audiblegate founder Susan May, catching up on how far the campaign has come since we first spoke in Episode 1 six months ago, as well as looking to the future of #Audiblegate.


In 2020, Australian author, Susan May, began the Audiblegate movement to hold Audible accountable for authors’ & narrators’ losses due to their unfair listener “exchange” benefit. She leads a small, determined team who are fighting the biggest company in the world for justice


The Audiblegate podcast takes you behind the scenes of the international fight for justice against Audible. Join hosts Jacob Daniels & Jason Lasky and discover the truth of this David and Goliath fight against corporate greed.

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